How to Write an Ebook - Are You Running Out of Ebook Ideas?

By Christopher M. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Learning how to write an ebook isn't difficult, but sometimes getting a good ebook idea can be tough. After writing a few ebooks, you will have so many ideas that you could never use them all. Ideas will just start popping into your head. But how do you train your mind to come up with great ebook ideas when you are starting out?

Pay Attention

It is amazing what you can learn just by listening to people. What are they talking about? What interests them? How can you use the latest news story as a jumping off point? What are people talking about at work that would be a great illustration for your ebook? In everything you hear, ask yourself if there is an ebook idea in the middle of it. Chances are you will find several ideas a day.

Read Forums

If I ever need a good ebook idea, I just visit forums related to my subject. I read what people are writing about and the questions they are asking.

What are the 3 most popular questions that people ask in the forum? Answer those 3 questions in your next ebook. What is the next big website that people are promoting? Go to the website and write an ebook review on it.

Refuse To Stop

The idea that you have run out of ideas is self-imposed. There are so many subjects that you can write about that you will never scratch the surface even if you wrote for a 100 years. Don't let your mind beat you by telling yourself that you can't find a good idea. When my mind tries to defeat me, I sit down and write on anything. Writing is like mental exercising - the more you do it, the easier it is.

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