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Amazon’s Kindle is the leading frontier for digital books.  The initial release of Kindle One on November 19, 2007 was an outstanding success and the device was sold out within six hours of release. What this meant for the early authors was quicker profits and more access to consumers because of the quick deployment of their creative writings to their readers. The first Kindle remained in the United States but the demand for the digital reader was beyond imagination.


Amazon’s ability to coordinate with authors and a blazing marketing strategy, they ensured the success of the Kindle’s future generations.


Why is the Kindle a popular publishing format? Amazon has built a reputation of trust between sellers and buyers. Kindle provides instant gratification to book lovers and the technology that supports Kindle is the driving force for authors to publish with Amazon. “Amazon has decided to make it easy for authors to upload their work to the kindle store and keep up to 70% of the purchase price” (Kindle Kash page 5). 


How can Kindle be favorable to me as a writer?  Kindle offers apps for various smart phones, tablet pc’s and for the regular device. The range of audience is greatly increased by the languages you can publish on Kindle. “While the financial returns can be excellent” (Kindle Kash page 7) beside money being a sizeable motivator, the ease of Kindle’s publishing platform to submit “creative works” has been a smart move for Amazon. Kindle accepts seven formats in which to publish your work and they include Word, ePub, Mobipocket, HTML, Adobe PDF and Rich Text Format.  

The website is self-paced with plenty of options to ask for help. If you have a published book on Amazon, you could link to the book with the Kindle account, this could mean more sales. You have total control over the appearance and layout of your eBook.  The world is a library, after Amazon changed its policy regarding Non U.S. authors, and there has been a storm of writers across the world. The advantage to this is the added resources for research available to authors across the world who are endeavoring to write the perfect novel. 


The disadvantages, and there are few for publishing on Kindle, is the different formats that are acceptable, and not all other readers will acquire your book. There are no free conversion services to help convert your book to the right Kindle format.  


If you are new to the world of self-publishing, marketing can be a real hassle. Marketing your content is vital to the success and learning the tips from Kindle Kash will empower you to be better prepared as your book goes “live”. The unfavorable conditions will vary from author to author but the general frown goes to these aforementioned items. 


If you use the easy guide on Kindle’s website, you will increase your chances of success. Their forum offer tips and answers for the most common questions, but for a detailed examination of the Kindle experience please check out KindleKash. This book has tips, history, success stories and so much valuable information within its electronic covers. Kindle Kash has been written in a friendly but informative tone to help new and existing authors with their eBook. 


Kindle Kash covers in great detail the Kindle publishing experience The author has broken it down into manage sections without sacrificing too much. The aim of this eBook is to provide an insider’s look and use of Kindle as a publishing model. Chapter 7 of  Kindle Kash covers the fine details of publishing on Kindle.  This guide is a perfect solution that offers simplified instructions.  


Kindle is the next frontier for books, music and other forms of entertainment. Technology is increasing the value of the eBook by allowing quicker downloads, free previews, instant comments and other valuable tools for both the reader and author. When you follow the steps in Kindle Kash and use the embedded links for help, you are utilizing a great resource for financial independence. 


Your success is entirely up to you and the arsenal that you bring to the world of publishing. Kindle Kash offers you a hands-on approach to Kindle publishing.  


If you’d like to learn more, I suggest you take a look at this comprehensive course that will show you everything you need to get started earning an income with Amazon Kindle. 





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