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Below is a message I sent to my newsletter subscribers about this course.  Read it, then if you decide it might be for you, follow the link and check it out.



The US recession is hitting everyone hard.   


Not only those living in the US, but here in Australia as well, and I imagine it is also affecting people in other countries too. 


As I mentioned in the latest newsletter, I am receiving emails on an almost daily basis from writers who desperately need to find a way to make money from their writing skills. 


If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall mention of Kevin Riley.  


I’ve known Kevin for a very long time now, several years in fact, and Kevin has been instrumental in guiding me when it comes to both producing and selling ebooks on the internet. 


Because of the information that Kevin has shared with me, I’ve been able to earn a steady residual income from ebooks I’ve written. I can wake up in the morning to notices of sales made while I’ve slept. I’ve gone on holidays to both other states and overseas, and come back to additional money in my account.  


I do this on an almost daily basis.  


I’m not going to tell you I’m rolling in money, because I’m not. And I’m not going to tell you that I’m one of those internet Guru’s who has three houses, six cars, and a boat sitting in the driveway – I don’t.  


But I will tell you that last year I bought a brand-new car.  My first-ever-in-my-entire-life brand-new car that I wouldn’t have been able to buy otherwise. (It’s a sky blue Hyundai Accent, and I love it to bits!) 


The residual income from my ebook sales paid for this car.  It also helps to pay for the little extras my family enjoys, and without it, we would be struggling.  


Why am I telling you this? Because Kevin has finally released his latest ‘recipe’ – his pet name for his instructional guides – on how to set up a thriving ebook business. 


Did you get that?  It’s not about how to write ebooks, but that’s certainly included. It’s about how you can set up your ebook business - a thriving ‘business empire’ as Kevin calls it, that will see you through for many years.  


As you will see when you visit this page - this is not simply an ebook. It’s a Home Study Course.  


Yes, I know, most of these are literally hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. But not this one - because Kevin is mindful of the recession and the fact many people are struggling to make ends meet. 


I bought my Home Study Course over the weekend, and I have to say that Kevin has outdone himself this time.  I already own several of his other ‘recipes’ but they’re snippets in comparison.  This course is the whole kit and caboodle. It’s all there, every last thing you’ll need:  modules (7 in all), worksheets (22 of them), templates, Success Guide, and more.  


Go to this page and read the information, and listen to the videos Kevin has produced. 


If you’re prepared to spend the time to read this information, and work through it, you will succeed.  


A word of warning: if you’re not going to follow through, don’t waste your money.  The only way to succeed is to *take action* on the detailed information provided.  


Check it out now!

I get many emails bemoaning the fact that ideas are difficult. Kevin takes you from finding that initial idea, to producing a product line, profiting from holidays and more. He teaches the fundamentals of profit funnelling, branding, researching, and a whole lot more.  



It has taken more than five years for me to learn all of the concepts I had to understand to run businesses on the internet. Kevin has rolled it all into this one study guide.  



Each module is in excess of 40 pages. Some are over 70, and some 100 or more. The worksheets are comprehensive, which is nothing unusual with Kevin. (As I said, I’ve bought heaps of his products before.) 



Each module is complemented by screen shots and photographs. You are taken step-by-step, and by the hand. You are never alone!  



Kevin even provides his personal email address so you can ask questions.  



This is definitely the buy of the year. This is a mega-bargain, and I doubt you’ll see this sort of price again. Kevin really has gone a bit crazy on this.  



Check it out today, because my dear friend often puts a time limit on his products, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. 


Go here now and start your book business today!






p.s. Kevin also provides information about hosting, domain registration etc that you need to set up to sell your reports. Before you go ahead and purchase any of these, please read this information sheet - it offers some cheaper alternatives that will save you money. 






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