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Kindle Kash

Reviewed by Cheryl Wright © (All Rights Reserved)
Author: Nick Daws
Published by WCCL
139 Pages



Kindle Kash was released July 2011, and unlike many other “how to earn money with Kindle” ebooks, it is a complete guide on the process of publishing and earning with Kindle.


It is written by Nick Daws (author of Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in 29 Days, and co-author of the extremely popular book for writers, The Wealthy Writer), and many other books.

Daws is a prolific writer and has more books published than I thought possible.  (He’s said to be the most prolific author in the UK.)


Kindle Kash is 139 pages long, and broken down into easy-to-read sections. But it’s not one of those books filled with fluff.  Like all of Daws books, it’s filled with useful and relevant information.

He reveals everything you would ever need to know to plan, write, edit, publish, and subsequently, promote your money-making Kindle ebook, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

As with all his courses Daws has provided clear and easy to follow information. If you follow his practical advice and step-by-step instructions, you will quickly have your own Kindle ebook selling online via theAmazon Kindle Store and making money for you.  

Here are just some of the topics covered in the book:


The number one self-publishing site to consider – and it isn’t Amazon (You’ll find the answer on page 9)

The easiest way to expand your reach to readers (This is also on page 9)

The top ten topics selling on Kindle right now (See page 13 for this one)

Pricing your ebook (Check the end of page 77 for this one)

Getting reviews (This is on page 92)

Getting your book into print (It’s on page 125)


You’ll also find out:


Your rights as a ‘publisher’

Whether to consider Fiction, Non-Fiction, or both

Ways to determine what you should write about

The free services that will help you research popular topics

How to create your action plan (There are several of these through out the book)

Ebook formats and why you need to know about these






In addition to the full program, six extremely relevant bonuses are offered to those purchasing Kindle Kash.


Be aware that this publisher does occasionally remove bonuses after a short period, so if you want them, act now.


Okay, so what are the bonuses?



How to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle

50 Great Ideas for Kindle E-Books

How to Publish Your Book on Lulu

How to Create a Great Title for Your E-Book

How to Publish for the iPad

Essential Resources for Kindle Authors 



Kindle Kash is an excellent book, and in my opinion, is aimed specifically at writers.  Many of the “make money with Kindle” books and/or programs around are aimed more at internet marketers.  (And are often hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.)

The difference is that most internet marketers are looking for short cuts.  They don’t want to write an entire book themselves. They don’t want to spend a lot of time on research either.

Many of them are using PLR to write their books. 

(Don’t know what PLR is?  Basically it’s ‘raw’ writing they’ve paid for.  They buy the rights and can do what they like with it. More than anything, it’s a short-cut to get a book out quickly.  But often it’s poorly written, and the quality just isn’t there in the majority of cases. And now, Amazon is rejecting those books written with PLR.)

So as a writer, you already have a head start on these people.

Okay, onto the review. 


Things I didn’t like:

There was very little I didn’t like, but there were a couple of things. 

The first thing I didn’t like was the table of contents – it’s not clickable.  What that means in real terms is if I want to go to a specific section I either have to scroll through everything or do a search to locate it.

I’m always banging on about this with this publisher, and they continue to do it. <sigh>

I’m pretty sure they do it to stop people jumping to particular sections without reading the entire book. 

As I’ve said before in my reviews, the publisher needs to understand that some people will want to bypass some parts of the book. (Yep, that’s usually me!)

The other thing I found was the pdf page numbers and the actual book page numbers didn’t match.  This could be because I’m in Australia and we have a different page format to most other countries, but I’m not sure.  (So maybe you should just disregard this altogether!!)

Both of these are pretty minor, and don’t detract from the content provided, but I felt I needed to tell you about them.


Things I liked:

Because there is so much in this book, there’s no way I could include everything, so I’ve reviewed just a few sections.

This book is incredibly comprehensive, and I can’t recall seeing a book on Kindle that includes so much. 

There are loads of books out there – mostly written by internet marketers trying to make a quick buck – that tell people they will be raking in thousands of dollars (from their self published Kindle ebook) from the get-go.

Daws doesn’t do that.  He is an experienced writer, a realist, and he knows that it’s rare to become an overnight success. 

As I said before, this book is comprehensive.  In addition to giving precise information about publishing on Kindle, Daws gives some great insights about writing your book.

This is something I’ve not seen before in a book such as this one, so I was pleasantly surprised.

He talks briefly about cover images, and how to format them for the Kindle, and also provides information about the Title Page for your Kindle ebook.

Daws discusses blurbs, and gives a few tips on how to write them. He discusses what rights you are handing over to Amazon, talks about Amazon’s marketing policies on allowing potential buyers to read portions of your ebook.

Something Daws goes into that I’ve never before seen in a book about Kindle, is promoting your book.

Sure, you can go on blogs and promote.  You can run contests to promote, and you can take out paid advertising too.  I’ve done them all.

But the methods Daws talks about in this ‘how to publish a book on Kindle’ manual, are methods I’ve never seen before. 

Better still, they’re free except for a bit of your time.

As with all of Daws books, Kindle Kash explains everything in step-by-step instructions, including screenshots.  Even if you’re brand-new to publishing you can create your own Kindle book and start earning commissions from Amazon.



Questions I’ve been asked via email:


Q) As you offered a discount for Kindle Kash, does that mean I don’t get the bonuses shown on the sales page?

A) Absolutely not!  All bonuses shown on the sales page are applicable to everyone.  The fact I’ve been able to negotiate a discount does not detract anything from the offer. (Except some dollars!)


Q) Is Kindle Kash suitable for both fiction and non-fiction writers?

A) Yes, it’s suitable for both, but won’t tell you how to write a piece of fiction. It certainly goes into all other aspects of publishing your fiction - and non-fiction - on Kindle.

I would suggest if you need help with your fiction writing, you check out some of my books on writing, or some of Daws other books, such as Novel in a Month, or Write any book in Under 28 Days.

Just to be clear, Kindle Kash goes into the technical aspects of publishing on Kindle (in an easy, straight forward way), but not the technical aspects of writing fiction.




This brief overview by no means covers the information provided in Kindle Kash.  There is so much to this book, and you’ll learn a great new skill that can be translated into an income.

As with any course you buy, the main thing is to take action on what you learn.  Don’t pay out money for this (or any other) course unless you intend to follow through.

Once you’ve written your first book and it’s up and running, it’s time to start your next. (It’s called ‘rinse and repeat’.)

Soon you’ll have a following of fans who can’t wait for your next book to be released.

What are you waiting for?  Click here now to learn more about Kindle Kash.


As a Writer2Writer visitor &/or subscriber, I am able to offer you a $12 discount on the above product. I don’t know how long the publisher will keep this offer open, so if you’re interested, don’t delay – grab it now before the discount disappears. *This book is not expensive to start with, so the discount is an added bonus.

You will need to visit this link first, to see a full overview of the book, and then use this discount link which takes you directly to PayPal and applies the $12 discount automatically.  (You can also use credit cards on PayPal.)


**A quick heads up - if you buy but aren't redirected to download, or the internet does a hiccup and you lose your download, don't panic!

An email will be sent with download link and instructions. If that doesn't arrive, check your spam folder.  You'll definitely get an email - one way or another.


About the author:  Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author and freelance journalist. In addition to an array of other projects, she is the owner of the website and the Writer to Writer monthly ezine for writers. Her publications include novels, non-fiction books, short stories, and articles. To keep up to date with her publications and new releases, visit Cheryl’s website


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