How to Write an EbookFor the
First Time

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So you want to learn how to write an ebook but have no idea where to start. Writing your first ebook can seem daunting and almost impossible, but it is really not that hard at all. Need help getting started? These 4 tips should help you out.

Tip #1: Determine Your Goal

Why are you writing your ebook? Are you going to give it away as a free gift? Are you going to use it to entice people to opt-in to your list? Are you going to sell your ebook? Before you start, you need to answer this question.

I wrote my first ebook to give away on my squeeze page when people opted into my list. Since I was giving this book away, I wanted to share enough information to help, but not enough to answer all of their questions. I wanted them to come back to me to learn more.

Tip #2: Determine Your Subject

You should always write on a subject that you know and enjoy. If you don't, then writing an ebook will be a boring homework assignment instead of a productive challenge. In your first ebook, just share the basics. Don't overwhelm your reader with a lot of detail.

Tip #3: Determine Your Audience

Don't write even one word until you know who you are writing to. Are you writing to people that know nothing about your subject? This is usually the case in your first ebook. But in some cases you might be writing to people that need more detail. Don't mix the two. If you need to write on a high-level and then go into more detail, it is sometimes better to write two separate books.

Tip #4: Determine Your Length

My first ebook was 11 pages long. It seemed to take forever, but I could write an 11-page ebook in a day or two without much problem now. My point is that you need to start small on your first ebook. When writing your first ebook, it will seem like you are writing the Bible itself. But after you write your first one, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to write the second and third.


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