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  Product Creation Workshop

If you've been with me a while, you've no doubt heard me mention the name Kevin Riley many times.

I 'met' Kevin many years ago, when I was just beginning to write info products. I have purchased several of his books and/or courses over a number of years, and continue to do so. 

One course in particular literally changed my life - it taught me the right way to create info products, and included a lot of related information that I previously had no idea about.

Those of you who know me well will also know that information products (aka ebooks) make up a huge part of my writing income.  The thing I love the most about them is they're a "write once, profit over and over" source of income.

This is known as passive income.  And that's exactly what info products are - passive income.

You can make money with them while on holidays, while you sleep, and just about any time.  I've even earned from them while in hospital with pneumonia!

So once you've written your book, set up your sales page and process etc, there's not a huge amount more to do.

If you were with me several years back, you would have known I took Kevin's Product Creation Lab Private Workshop.  I did the course online, but that was to be a one-off.

After that, it was only available as a physical product, selling for $395.

Obviously everyone is different, but I've had info products that have earned $500 on the day of release, $1,000 plus in a month, and products that have earned $10,000 and more over time.

And that's just a handful of over a dozen products I've created, so you can see the potential here, I'm sure.

Kevin, being the great guy he is - always trying to help others - has decided to offer the Product Creation Lab Private Workshop as an online course, simply because the price of the physical product is out of reach for most people. 

The reason for the price is massively reduced, is because it's not a physical product. And we all know that physical products are very expensive to produce.

Would you believe Kevin is selling this $395 product for just $27? That's more than 90% off the original price! *This is a one-off price, not a recurring membership.

If I didn't already own the physical product, I would jump on this immediately.

Click here to check it out.

As with all Kevin's products, step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and illustrations where applicable, are included.

That's one of the things I love about Kevin's products - he leaves nothing to chance, and ensures everyone can understand the information provided.

If you do have problems, he's very accessible.

Kevin loves making videos, and he's created a fun video for you to watch.  It's at the top of the page, but honestly, if you want to skip it, you won't be disadvantaged.  I've seen it, and it was a lot of fun, but it doesn't tell you a whole heap about the course itself, just how it evolved.

Scroll down just a little from the top of the page, and you'll get all the information you need.

I hope you take a look at this product, because it's something that can dramatically increase your writing income for many years to come.

Don't be put off by the mention of 'daily' lessons.  This is a self-paced course.  If you can't do lessons daily, you don't have to.  Kevin says it's daily to get you into a habit.

As I said, I've taken many of Kevin's courses.  They're all self-paced, and believe me, I don't usually have time to do daily lessons - I just log in at my own pace.

Info products can be a second income, a main income, a passive income, or whatever you want it to be. This sort of opportunity doesn't come along often, so grab it while it is being sold at an unbelievable price.

Click here now to learn more..  If this product is right for you, you will snag yourself the bargain of the century!




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