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In the past, writers had no choice but to submit to publishers to have their work published. Self-publishing was frowned upon, and because of that, many writers shied away from doing it.

A  lot has changed.

Hundreds, if not thousands of authors, including some NY Times Bestselling authors, are going the self-publishing route.  Often exclusively via Kindle.

Following the release of the Kindle, self publishing has never been easier.

Many writers have failed to sell their ‘traditionally published’ books because they’ve failed to promote effectively. Or even to promote at all.

Promotion is still important, but Amazon attracts huge amounts of people on a daily basis, and therefore your book will get more exposure than you ever dreamed possible.

Recent statistics showed ebooks are now outselling print books, so we’re well and truly in the electronic age.  Right now – at ground level – is a perfect time to venture into this lucrative area.

Rather than receive a small percentage of royalties, you get the highest percentage of profit.  Amazon takes a cut, which is only fair since they’re housing your book.

However, there are some facts that writers must be aware of to make full use of this amazing service.

·     Potential readers through Amazon Kindle is a staggering 500,000 and increases daily. What this means to the writer is the reach is potentially way more compared to that of a print book.

·     Before publishing on Kindle, the author needs to be aware of the different formats the device supports.

·     Standard formats like word, text file, Adobe PDF, HTML are supported but all of them are edited and formatted differently. Before choosing the right format, one needs to know how to edit that and how the final product looks like. (There are specific formatting guidelines which need to be followed.)


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