Discover How To Turn What You Already Know About Your Work, Hobby or Personal Interests into an Information Product Empire!


There are several books/products around that I recommend, and you'll find them below.  Before making any decisions, think about the budget you have available, as well any other factors that may come into play, such as time available to work through each product.

I have personally vetted all the products listed here; two and three I highly recommend if you want to get deep into niche writing and earn a HUGE income from it. (I've taken both these courses.)

Remember, as with everything, you only get out of it, what you put into it.


Over the past few years, publishing has slowly gone from print dominated, to ebook dominated.

The publishing world is witnessing its next big change - the one everyone said would never happen.

It's a shift to electronic books - specifically to Kindle books, the most powerful and popular e-book format in the world.

Are YOU publishing on the Kindle yet?

If not, you're missing out. Publishing on the Kindle is EASY and PROFITABLE.

The Kindle publishing platform bring enormous benefits. You get paid 70% in royalties. You get listed in the Amazon catalog. You retain total creative control over your book. You set your own prices. The benefits are ENDLESS.

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Product Creation WorkshopEarn Money Writing

Learn more than you ever dreamed possible and begin your own ebook empire! This fantastic course is at it's
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Kevin Riley's Product Creation Workshop is high quality - I know, I've done the course!


Kevin is now producing this course in Digital Format.
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Kevin Riley's Home Study Course



A complete home study course for an unbelievably low price.

Read my note about this product here.




  The Low Down on Niches - by Cheryl Wright


 This book has been totally revamped and updated.  This book is 97 pages long, and is very meaty.  It will give you the low-down on niches from a writer's perspective.






Niche Starter Kit

Everything you need to get you started in ebook writing and marketing.  To learn more, click here now.


 Ewen Chia's Ebook Money Machine

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Niche Starter Kit


The BookDepository



Product Creation Workshop






The Low Down on Niches - by Cheryl Wright